Beyond the Artist

By Watts Shake

Documentary Soundtrack

Give Me a Dub Plate (Lukas & Fernanda Martins Remix)
HardTechno | AudioCode Records 2015

Nebula (Lucas Freire & Dot Chandler Remix)
Techno | Devotion Records 2015

Interlude (Lucas Freire & Dot Chandler Remix)
Techno | Naked Lunch 2015

Fernanda Martins - Speed Control
HardTechno | DreamBeach Villaricos Compilation 2014

Broken Bones (Fernanda Martins Remix)
HardTechno | AudioCode Records 2015

       Watts Shake team visited Fernanda Martins at her home in Barcelona and followed her for over 24 hours to discover who she is 'Beyond The Artist'.
       3 cities, 2 gigs in a night, and great moments with one of the most influential artists of the Techno scene nowadays. Fernanda opens herself up and shows you who she is, personally as much as professionally.
       In this 20 minute documentary, discover a little bit more about this artist and what happened, behind the scenes of that night, going from Techno-Flash Festival to the legendary Florida135.
       Since her beginnings in 2005, Fernanda has experienced with several sub-genres of Techno, going from the most classic and underground sounds, to dark, acid, melodic, deep and hard textures. Since 2013, she is also DJing under the alias:

Dot Chandler

       A new musical concept wherewith she shows a different musical selection, full of grooves that refer to the classic electronic sounds, as well as Techno beats with lots of character; combined with her unique way in which she feels and interacts with this music, that has seduced her since over two decades.
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