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Techno & HardTechno DJ/Producer Fernanda Martins is nowadays considered one of the biggest female names of the world’s Techno scene.

      This Brazilian djane collects performances in many of the biggest and most important clubs, parties and festivals around the globe. She played in the main techno events of her home country Brazil, and in more than thirty countries around Americas, Europe & Asia.

       Thanks to her amazing mix technique, great charisma, and an unmistakable fun way to communicate and connect with the crowd, Fernanda Martins does not leave anyone indifferent when she is in action.

       When she is playing she loves to abuse of cuts, scratches and efx's to create her precise, detailed and ‘explosive’ mixes that, together with her irreverent way to be, provides the vibes every electronic music lovers is looking for!

       Above all, Fernanda Martins is known by her excellent music selection. Her presentations are filled with songs full of great energy and strong character. And for this, she is in constant research in order to incorporate new elements and textures to each new set.
       What you really need to know about Fernanda Martins is that whether playing the most powerful Hard Techno, or even, the most pure techno, she makes clear that she knows how to use all the flexibility and versatility that techno offers her.
Biography and Career

Fernanda Martins was born in 1982, in Medianeira city, state of Paraná, Brazil. In love for music since she was very little, she had her life musically marked by genres such Rock, Pop and the New Wave from the 80s and 90s.
The new sounds that were emerging, and consolidating themselves as new music styles, slowly called Fernanda's attention and fed her interest for the innovating sounds of electronic music.
Her first contacts with this style of music were trough researches she did on internet and that leaded her to find and get interested for the work of Djs/Producers such, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke and Mauro Piccoto. Later on she would became interested for the work of artists such Dave the Drummer, Glenn Wilson, Adam Beyer, among others. Making it clear, from the beginning, the preference that Fernanda had by the most known sub-genre of electronic music, TECHNO.

In 2002, Fernanda moved to Curitiba. There she had her musical taste very much under the influence of the “London Tech”, that was a very strong style on the city’s underground techno scene, witch she became a part of. Her interest for music, and mainly, for the mixing techniques grow up day after day. On April of 2005, Fernanda Martins started to dedicate herself to the art of mixing.

In the beginning, Funk and Acid Techno were the main styles on her sets. Since the start, Fernanda has been always worried on improving her technique and ability when mixing all the different variations of techno. With dedication and hard work she started to call the attention of the crowd and known djs since her first gigs.

Through the years, Fernanda began to expand the range of the musical possibilities and started to add more and more harder sonorities to her sets. Nowadays, you can hear she playing from the purest techno until the heavier hardtechno / schranz set!
Label Management & A&R

Fernanda Martins managens 3 labels, together with Lucas Freire aka Dj Lukas:

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HARDWORK RECORDS (Techno & HardTechno)
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Dot Chandler

Fernanda Martins is also known as Dot Chandler. Since her beginnings, in 2005, she experienced with different sub-genres of Techno music, from the most classical and underground sonorities, going through dark, acid, melodic, deep and hard textures.

The passion that Fernanda feels for Techno Music is also recognized in the productions she makes under her alias Dot Chandler.

DJ Balu - Cetaxina (Fernanda Martins RMX) (Hardwork Records / 2021) - HARDTECHNO
Nuria Ghia - Sphere (Fernanda Martins RMX) (Kuukou Records / 2021) - TECHNO

Cristian Varela - Scheme (Fernanda Martins RMX) (Konekt Croatia / 2020) - TECHNO

H.Paul - 4TH October (Fernanda Martins & Lucas Freire RMX) (Devotion Records 12" / 2020) - TECHNO

Augusto Taito - Nerve Edge (Fernanda Martins RMX) (Devotion Records / 2019) - TECHNO

Fernanda Martins & Matt Minimal - Rampant (Perfekt Groove Recordings / 2018) - TECHNO 

Victoria.52 - Lost in Detroit (Fernanda Martins RMX) (Devotion Records / 2018) - TECHNO

​​​​​​​Steve Shaden - Dialer (Fernanda Martins Remix) (Loose Records / 2018) - TECHNO
Viper XXl - Nothing Fancy (Fernanda Martins RMX) (AudioCode / 2018) - HARDTECHNO
Fernanda Martins AKA Dot Chandler & Lucas Freire - Deep in Undergroud (Happy Techno Music / 2017) - TECHNO

Ant Brooks - Fluid (Fernanda Martins AKA Dot Chandler & Lucas Freire RMX) (Addeepted / 2016) - TECHNO

Chicago Loop - You Touch Me (Fernanda Martins AKA Dot Chandler & Lucas Freire RMX) (Devotion Records / 2016) - TECHNO

D.R.N.D.Y & Ilija Djokovic - Raw Life (Fernanda Martins AKA Dot Chandler & Lucas Freire RMX) (Renesanz / 2016) - TECHNO

Steve Mulder - Opulent (Fernanda Martins AKA Dot Chandler & Lucas Freire RMX) (Devotion Records / 2016) - TECHNO

Dani Sbert - Disassociative (Fernanda Martins AKA Dot Chandler & Lucas Freire RMX) (Devotion Records / 2015) - TECHNO

Mental Crush - Give me a dub plate (Lukas & Fernanda Martins RMX) (AudioCode / 2015) - HARDTECHNO

O.B.I. - Definition of HardTechno (Lukas & Fernanda Martins RMX) (Distorted / 2015) - HARDTECHNO

Spartaque - Nebula (Fernanda Martins AKA Dot Chandler & Lucas Freire RMX) (Devotion Records / 2015) - TECHNO

DJ Lukas - Broken Bones (Fernanda Martins RMX) (AudioCode / 2015) - HARDTECHNO

A.Paul - Interdule (Fernanda Martins AKA Dot Chandler & Lucas Freire RMX) (Naked Lunch / 2015) - TECHNO

Fernanda Martins - Speed Control (Alma Soul Music / 2014) - HARDTECHNO

AnGy KoRe - Rebel (Fernanda Martins AKA Dot Chandler & Lucas Freire RMX) (Italo Business / 2013) - TECHNO

David Moleon - Beforebang (Fernanda Martins AKA Dot Chandler & Lucas Freire RMX) (Moop Up / 2013) - TECHNO

Fernanda Martins - Kentakee (HardTechno Bastards / 2010) - HARDTECHNO 

Fernanda Martins & C.Cox - Look and Listen (Pink About It / 2010) - HARDTECHNO

Fernanda Martins - Lurba Zumba (Mental Torments 12" / 2009) - HARDTECHNO
Countries she performed at

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
United States of America