Devotion Records is a Barcelona-based techno label founded in 2015 by Lucas Freire & Fernanda Martins.
The label has become a reference for the ones who search for dynamic, authentic and quality Techno.
Since the beginning of the label's activities, the owners have been betting for the freshness brought to the scene by new talents, summed with the major quality of already high-established artists of this industry.
The elegant and tasteful track selection that composes the concept of the label are strongly reflected in the label’s events.
Devotion Records has already held several Label Nights and Showcases featuring their artists and most-importantly, spreading and merging the vibes of unity and common passion for techno alongside clubbers.

Artists A-Z
A.Mochi (Japan) 
A.Paul (Portugal)
Anders (Brazil) 
Andres Gil (Colombia) 
Asire Vico (Spain) 
Augusto Taito (Argentina - Based in Italy) 
Avox25 (Spain) 
Ben Long (UK) 
Bernardo Hangar (Spain) 
BILY (Spain) 
Concept of Thrill (Poland)
Cyklos (Spain)
Deadwalkman (Colombia) 
Dr Cyanide (Spain)
Drop-E (Spain) 
Dykkon (Spain) 
Dystopic L. (Portugal) 
Fernanda Martins (Brazil - Based in Spain) 
Fran Navaez (Spain) 
H.Paul (Spain) 
Hanubis (Italy)
HD Substance (Spain) 
Horacio Cruz (Spain) 
Ian Axide (Spain - Based in UK)
Israel Toledo (Mexico – Based in Germany) 
Juan Trujillo (Venezuela - Based in Argentina)
Jusai (France)
Ken Ishi (Japan)
Korros (France)
Le Martz (Argentina) 
Lidvall (Russia)
Lucas Freire (Brazil - Based in Spain) 
LxS (Slovenia) 
M.I.T.A. (Italy) 
M.O.D.U.L (Colombia - Based in Sweden)
Mediane (France)
Michel Lauriola (Venezuela - Based in Argentina) 
Oliver Rosemann (Germany) 
P.U.L.S.A.R (Spain) 
PWCCA (Spain) 
Radial (Netherlands - Based in Spain) 
Random Sequence (Poland) 
Raul Alvarez (Spain - Based in Germany) 
Redacs (Serbia) 
RNGD (Spain) 
Simbiose (Portugal)
Steve RedHead (Belgium) 
Submerge (United States) 
Spiros Kaloumenos (Greece)
Steve Stoll (United States) 
Stute (Germany) 
Takaaki Itoh (Japan) 
Tetric (Spain)
TKNO (Serbia) 
Tom Hades (Belgium) 
Vegim (Kosovo) 
Victoria.52 (France) 
Vertical Spectrum (Czech Republic) 
Wisna (Spain)
XHEI (Argentina)