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Around @ National Museum of Fine Arts - Santiago de Chile 

On August 26th 2019, Brazilian Techno DJ Fernanda Martins as performed an amazing set for a very selected audience that had the chance to enjoy - and to be protagonist - a unique and unrepeatable event at of one of the most beautiful buildings in Latin America, the famous ¨Bellas Artes¨ Museum of Chile.
The Chileans were delighted to hear the Brazilian icon, which is known by her amazing mix technique, great music selection and unmistakable way to connect with the crowd, and in witness of the incredible production prepared for the event.
The event was held by Around, a project born in Chile that has as its main goal to provide a very different experience to artists and audience, by bringing electronic music sessions to the most atypical, emblematic and iconic locations in Latin America. ¨Around - Bellas Artes¨ was the fourth event realized by the organizers and it was a major success!

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Beyond the Artist

Watts Shake team visited Fernanda Martins at her home in Barcelona and followed her for over 24 hours to discover who she is 'Beyond The Artist'.
       3 cities, 2 gigs in a night, and great moments with one of the most influential artists of the Techno scene nowadays. Fernanda opens herself up and shows you who she is, personally as much as professionally.
       In this 20 minute documentary, discover a little bit more about this artist and what happened, behind the scenes of that night, going from Techno-Flash Festival to the legendary Florida135.