This is not your first time in Croatia, or Istria for that matter, but it will be your first time in Steel. Have you been to Rovinj before?
No, it will my first visit to the city. And I was searching about the city on internet and it looks beautiful! Croatia is such a lovely and beautiful country and I'm always excited to know news places in there, and of course to enjoy with new crowds.
We're all affected by Covid-19 crisis, how did it impact you? Are there any positive things you took out of the situation?
In the beginning of the craziness in Europe I was had to travel for tour in South America. My first destination was Chile and, when I landed I was catch by surprise that all traveler proceeding from Spain should be in 15 days quarentine and could not go out from the country, from the hotel and of course to go to play in any party ... I was really unlucky because Chile's govenment decided about it some hours before our landing. Anyway, I knew all the tour was over at that point and I was really concerned to come back home. The airlines started to close direct routes to Spain but after 6 days I managed to make to route back to Spain and I arrived home 15 hours before the Spanish goverment closed all borders ... As you can imagine it was a huge stress.
After this, so many days 100% locked home (but still feeling grateful to make it in my own house), the feeling of uncertainty and all the bad news about the pandemic were hard to diggest. But in the end we always adapt to what is necesarry.
Of course, in the work's field it was horrible and it still is. But for another side I found time to work in some side projects that were park for so many years; so I can say I keept myself active somehow, and didm't had the sensation that I was just loosing time, or, had the mind empty and opened for bad overthinkings.
I did take positive things out of the situation, and many! Many things are changed in my life style, my sensibility about many social and enviromental issues are even bigger; even my life goals and way to manage my time and take more care about myself and the people I care about changed ... In my case, even that I passed thru for hard times, I took my time to think about so many important stuff and in the end, all this worthed it to make my mind and my soul healthier.
Let's switch to more happy moments before all of this craziness – what was one of your freakiest/funniest memories you have from your touring the world?
I will tell about some of the recents crazy moments...
In December 2019 I had my first gig in Uruguay. The party was going to happen in a Hotel little bit outside of Montevideo, at outside area with swimmingpool that was right infront of a lake ... beautiful place!
All cool, around of 1500 tickets sold ... Party would start around 8PM and last till 6AM ... It was going to be a great night!
In the afternoon and I was walking around to know the city center together with one of the promoters ... than, the hotel's manager called to say that party outside could go on only until midnight ... ¨but no problem¨ he said, because they could move all the stuff and keep going with the party in an inside salon.
Man, how can the manager of the hotel do it with the promoter in the day of the even? Terrible!
Anyway, the promoter had no choice than start calling his work team that was build up everything in the venue and to plan strategies to move all the sound system, lights, bar stuff and etc to the other salon at midnight ... I was listening the calls and freaking out, for me it was already sound like a nightmare. Luckly my set time was from 10 to 12.But than, another problem poped .. the saloon was just for 600 people and it was a weding going on there and they would have to wait till the place to be empty, the decoration and all from the weding to be taken out to start moving the party there ... could it be more crazy?
I did my set and it was great ... than I saw all the crazyness from the team to move the party to the other side ... there were drunk guests from the weding that didn't want their party to be finished remaing at the salon while the guys were running with the new build up of the event ... when the sound start again ... the place was filled super fast but, of course, centens of people could not get in ... and they were waing in the parking lot together with the people from the weding that were kicked out from the place ... crazy party indeed .. but I had fun that day!
Which track or tracks do you absolutely love at this moment?
Here some of my favorite Techno & Hard techno tracks at the moment:
Michal Jablonski - Live Session 01
Millhouse - Bin Bag Batman (Oliver Kucera Rework)
Random Sequence - Tone 2
Sleeparchive - Peccant
Leo Laker - Advanced Summoning
SlugoS - Dirty Talk

How about classics? What's your favourite techno classic that fits your sets and you love to play?
There are lots ... for example:
Plastikman - Alpha Wave (Acid House Mix)
Dj Funk - Run UK
John Starlight - Bloodangels (Chris Liebing RMX)
Bas Mooy & Vincent De Wit - Bushido

In your previous interview with Mixmag Adria you said you had a chance to see a lot of Croatia – any favourite spots?
There are lots of amazing places, but if I would suggest to my friends some place they should not miss I guess I would say the old town of Dubrovnik and the plitvička jezera national park.

In that case, you must have tried croatian cuisine. Any special gourmet experiences so far?
To be honest I'm not sure if I took some traditional Croatian cuisine dish. Probably yes, but as I'm vegetarian I always go to places they they have options without meat or fish ... very probally I took some vegetarian dish that is very commun i your cuisine, but I was not informed that that was ¨ tradicial¨.... but, I always had good food when I was in Croatian, I must say.

Who's your biggest DJ inspiration you look up to?
I don't have just one, some of my favorites ever are Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Dave the Drummer, Lucas Freire aka DJ Lukas; and some artists I discovered more recently as Matrixxman, Par Grindvik, Truncate or Colin Benders ... But really, I like so many artists in electronic music, as well as in another genres, that I could write down thousant of names...

Is there any new music coming from you that we might not know about?
Right now, monday next week (July 6th, 200) it comes out a remix I did of a tracks from Cristian Varela. Actually it is the fisrt release of the brand new label of the guys from Konekt Croatia.

What's your message to your fans in Rovinj and Istria?
Just rest very good in the hours previous of the party at Steel, because I will arrive ¨hungry¨ for a party and my duty and goal is to make you have a blast!
Can't wait for Saturday!